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Bayfront Recycled Water Project Published 2019-02-14

West Bay has completed a feasibility study exploring the viability of a Resource Recovery Center at the District’s former treatment plant behind Bedwell Bayfront Park, which could potentially produce up to 1 million gallons per day of recycled water for reuse.

The District is laying the ground work for recycled water in East Menlo Park (Connect Menlo area). In a public/private partnership with Facebook, the West Bay Board of Directors spearheaded the effort in to install 2,800 feet of purple recycled water pipe parallel with the storm drain pipe Facebook was replacing on Chilco Street. This pipe can be used in the future to distribute recycled water in the area without reconstructing the street again.

Recycled water from such a facility could potentially be used for irrigation, industrial purposes, firefighting, public fill stations and even for flushing toilets in the Bayfront (M-2) area. This regional approach would be sustainable, less expensive and available to a broader user base than expensive onsite treatment systems. The study will explore costs, challenges, funding opportunities and the complexity and duration of the project.

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