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Operations & Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance Staff is dedicated to protecting the environment by providing top quality maintenance to the entire Collection System. The crew clean, by hydro jetting, 70 percent of the 207 miles of the collection system on a six-to-sixteen-month cycle. The larger diameter mains are cleaned on a 24-to-72-month cycle. 

The entire system is video inspeected on a seven-year schedule. This CCTV data collected is one the basis fir future Capital Improvement Projects. The Crews operate and maintain the District's 11 pump and lift stations, as well as, the 92 STEP/Grinder pump systems. 

The District's motto "Call Us First" is the basis of our customer service. Service is provided 24 hours, 7 days a week to residents experiencing sewer problems. Our crew will respond within 45 minutes. 

The District provides Operation and Maintenance, under contract, for the Town of Woodside and Los Altos Hills Collection systems. These two systems combined are approximately 53 miles of sewer mainlines and 4 lift stations.