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The standard specifications for the West Bay Sanitary District (WBSD) govern the design and construction of sanitary sewers in the service area of the District. The District’s service area is the City of Menlo Park, portions of the Town of Portola Valley, portions of Town Atherton, portions of the City of East Palo Alto, portions of the City of Redwood City, and portions of unincorporated San Mateo County.

WBSD’s Standard Specifications are available in PDF form at the link below. The file is large and will not appear immediately. Please wait for it to load

Standard Specifications

Read more about specification in our Code of Regulations.

Code of General Regulations 


Detail 01 - Manhole Frame and Cover.pdfDetail 02 - Screw Down Type Manhole Frame and Cover.pdfDetail 03 - Manhole For 21-inch Diameter and Smaller Pipe.pdfDetail 04 - Manhole For 24-inch Diameter and Larger Pipe.pdfDetail 05 - Standard Inside Drop Manholes (4, 6 and 8-inch Diameter Pipes Only).pdfDetail 06 - Sanitary Sewer Lateral Connections.pdfDetail 07 - Service Lateral Cleanout.pdfDetail 08 - Excavation, Backfill and Surface Restoration.pdfDetail 09 - Drop Manhole Detail for Connection of Existing Sewer to New Manhole.pdfDetail 10 - Air Release Assembly for Step Main.pdfDetail 11 - Cleanout 2-3-inches Forcemain (Step and Grinder Pump Systems).pdfDetail 12 - 1.25 inch Lateral Check Valve Station.pdfDetail 13 - Backwater Valve.pdfDetail 14 - Sampling Manhole.pdfDetail 15 - Typical STEP or Grinder Pump System.pdfDetail 16 - Forcemain Service Connection.pdfDetail 17 - Control Panel Step-Grinder Systems.pdfDetail 18 - Single Family Septic Tank Effluent Pumping (Step) System.pdfDetail 19 - Single Family Grinder Pump Installation Detail.pdfDetail 20 - Single Family Grinder Pump Information Detail.pdfDetail 21 - Pump Detail-Single Family Septic Tank Effluent Pump (Step) System.pdfDetail 22 - Sanitary Sewer Water Main Crossings.pdfDetail 24 - Sanitary Sewer Lateral Disconnections.pdfDetail 23 - Sanitary Sewer Lateral Utility Crossings (Excluding Water).pdfDetail 25 - Repair Coupling for 15-inch Diameter and Larger Pipe.pdfDetail 26 - Grease Interceptor.pdfDetail 27 - Concrete Platform.pdf