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Sewer Clearing

May contain: adult, male, man, person, clothing, footwear, shoe, drain, and hole

Hand Rodding Operation

The District provides 24 hour emergency service. Regardless of whether or not you have a conforming cleanout it is recommended that you always contact the District in the event that you are having a problem with your sewer. The District Emergency Response crews always check the main line sewer to ensure that it is flowing correctly. You will be advised if the problem is located in the portion of sewer that the District does not maintain.

Hydro Jet Operation

Jet Rodding / Vacuum is another process of Hydro Jet cleaning sewer mains from 6″ to 54″ using hydraulics (water) to clean and remove debris such as roots, grease, grit. With 800’ of 1″ hose and the increasing technology of nozzle design we can effectively clean sewer mains.

Click above to see a video of our Super Nova cutter in action clearing the roots from a sewer line using the Hydro Jet Operation.

Root Foam Operation

West Bay Sanitary District has many old sewer lines that have been invaded by tree roots. The area served by West Bay is highly populated with mature trees and combined with the age of the pipelines it is not surprising that root intrusion is the most common cause of sewer problems in the District. In addition to cleaning sewer lines by conventional methods such as cutting roots out, West Bay has embarked on a program to treat the roots in the line with a root foaming agent. Applied to the sewer lines with foam, this root treatment agent deadens the roots in the sewer line and a few inches outside the diameter of the sewer line without harming the main root structure of the tree or the tree itself. This root foaming treatment frees up the District to use conventional cleaning for other lines. And since it only needs to be applied once every two to three years it saves the District money and helps prevent sewer spills.