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Do’s and Don’ts


Learn more about the District’s helpful tips to assist you in maintaining your sewer lateral.


1. Ask a plumber about preventative maintenance on problem sewer lines.
2. Call WBSD if you have any questions about your sewer line.
3. Obtain a permit from WBSD if you need to make a lateral repair. If a plumber will be making the repair, he or she should obtain the permit.
4. Use only a licensed contractor to make necessary repairs.
5. Consider installing a backflow preventer to prevent flooding in your building.
6. Recycle oil, paint, and other toxic materials at a recycling center.
7. Remember that storm lines, streets, sidewalks, and trees in public rights-of-way are maintained by cities.


1. Put grease, coffee grounds or egg shells down drains or in garbage disposals.
2. Flush “disposable” or “flushable” wipes.
3. Plant a tree directly over a sewer line. Roots can be problematic.
4. Cut down a curbside tree without checking with the city in which you live.
5. Dig without calling Underground Service Alert (1-800-642-2444)
6. Proceed automatically with an expensive repair. Always get a second opinion.
7. Use an unlicensed, unknown contractor to make repairs.
8. Forget to locate cleanout in front of building, prior to having a stoppage.
9. Pour anything toxic down the sewer or storm drain.
10. Open a manhole for any reason. WBSD will do this for you.