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The Finance Department is responsible for the District’s financial reporting, budgeting, cash management and oversees accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.

 Additional Financial Information

Connection Fee Information AB1600 FY2021-2022Special District's Financial Transaction Report
Performance Measurement Report 

This report is intended to be an annual report by the West Bay Sanitary District regarding the performance of the District. It includes performance measures that, when taken as a whole, should give the reader a sense of how well the utility is performing and being managed. This report is prepared by management for use by the District’s Board of Directors and by the general public. West Bay Sanitary District maintains a wastewater collection system of approximately 220 miles with a total of 32 employees. Measurements including employee responses were gathered via unscientific survey data that may be greatly influenced by one or two employees due to the small pool of total employees.

Performance Measurement Report 2022.pdfPerformance Measurement Report 2021.pdfPerformance Measurement Report 2020.pdfPerformance Measurement Report 2019.pdfPerformance Measurement Report 2018.pdfPerformance Measurement Report 2017.pdfPerformance Measurement Report 2016.pdf