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Rehabilitation Unit (Construction Crew)

The District maintains about 210 miles of gravity sewer mains ranging from 4-inches to 54-inches in diameter. There are approximately 5,000 sewer manholes within the system, which are used as access points for cleaning and inspection purposes. An important part of the District’s rehabilitation crew is to make repairs to the collection system to maintain the sanitary sewer flow in the system.

​In 2010 West Bay Sanitary District began using a trenchless pipe repair method called “Pipe Patch”. Pipe Patch allows us to repair less-severe defects in our sewer system without having to use more costly and time consuming methods; namely, conventional open-trench. It works much like a stint in the artery of a human, adding support to the wall of the pipe from the interior and sealing off joints and cracks from roots and groundwater intrusion.

 Some pipe repairs are serious enough that they can only be corrected by digging a trench and repairing the pipe in the conventional way. District crews perform all the work from cutting the asphalt to repairing the pipe to relaying of new asphalt.

Pipe Patch Program  - April 12, 2012

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