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Step 10 – Protect Your New Pipe and Property Line Cleanout:

May contain: pattern and home decor

• DO – install root control barrier. The District takes the lead in helping property owners fight roots in newly repaired or replacement private sewer laterals and requires as part of our specifications a root control barrier system. This root control fabric protects pipes against root damage by directing roots away from the joints.

May contain: pottery and soil

• DO – check your property line clean out periodically for signs of standing water and debris. Keep it accessible and visible at all times, clear of dirt, bushes and debris of any type.

• DO NOT – pour Fats, Oils or Grease (FOG) down the sewer line, these waste products build up in your pipes and eventually restrict and/or block flow causing backups into your home.

May contain: food, meat, and pork






May contain: plant and potted plant

• DO NOT – plant trees near your sewer line. Tree roots invade sewer lines and can cause blockages and break sewer lines. When planting new trees and bushes keep in mind where your private sewer lateral is located and stay back as far as possible, a minimum of 10 feet.


May contain: sign, symbol, and road sign

• DO NOT – dispose of (pic) wipes and other hygiene products into the sewer system. These items can cause costly damage to homes, pipes, and the District’s pump stations.

To learn more about the District’s helpful tips to assist you in maintaining your sewer lateral click here.